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About Tivat

Once a modest and ordinary town, Tivat went through a major remodeling of its marina and the surroundings and today it is a place where the world’s jet-set resides and rests in the summertime. Porto Montenegro is a must see in the Bay of Kotor. The marina is full of luxury yachts and taking a stroll along the jetties will give you a peek at some of the best yachts in the world!

Although a big portion of Tivat is modern and glamorous, you can find traces of history in here – Renaissance Summer House Buca in the centre of city, Ostrvo Cvijeca with sacred monuments, Gornja Lastva, the old nucleus, the magnificent beach at Plavi Horizonti and the island Sv. Nikola. The spirit of old times lives through unique Olympics – the Bocarska Olympiad and Summer Fests.

If you are into hiking, mountain biking, or extreme canyon adventures, mountain Vrmac, that is overlooking Tivat offers its slopes and a canyon to be conquered. You can go snorkeling in the Blue Cave, one of the most popular attractions that can be reached only by boat, or visit Mamula, a fortified island with the most beautiful sunset.

Tivat offers a variety of activities. Explore them!



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